You Rock!

I live in California and one of my BFFs lives in Pennsylvania, so we talk on the phone every week or so for 1-2 hours. She’s currently pursuing advanced education in geo science and environmental studies and we have some really interesting conversations. A couple of weeks ago we talked about sea sponges and last week we talked at length about rocks. It was fascinating and it really peaked my interest, so I wrote her this letter.

Dear Patty,

You’re such a jewel. I just want to say you rock my world, I lava you, and I’ll never take you for granite. No fracking way. I really dig you and our phone calls, and I get sedimental when I think of you.

But sometimes life can make us feel like we’re on a ferrous wheel. Schist happens. If you ever hit rock bottom, lose you’re apatite, feel pressured and can’t take the friction, I’m here for you if you want to talc about it.

The world is full of alkynes of people and I certainly have my faults, but I’ll never lucite of how much your friendship means to me. We’ve been through some tuff times together and we’ve seen each other through some personal eruptions too, but nothing will ever erode the bedrock foundation of our friendship.

If you ever need cheering up, my advice is to put on some music – the Rolling Stones, perhaps. Or go shopping and look for a good shale. Maybe a game of golf at Pebble Beach. In no time your confidence will come back and you’ll be feeling boulder.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this letter and that my humor didn’t fluorite over your head. Have a gneiss day and may the quartz be with you.

Written by Susan 3/15/19

[Photo:  Agate rock, New Mexico]

6 thoughts on “You Rock!”

    1. Jim, thank you! That agate is amazing, isn’t it? Mother Nature can create some pretty wonderful sights for us to enjoy. Take a look online at sea sponges sometime – they’re beautiful too.

  1. Susan, this is hilarious! You’re so creative, one tongue twisting, mind shifting, crafty use of words after the other! You really took time to “mine the bedrock” of meanings, and show great appreciation of your friend’s geo-fascination! Bravo!

  2. Susan, I LOVE YOU!!! You are just so creative and fun… and golly; I’m honored to have received this letter.

    It is SO cool that you found all of those Geology words and found a way to use them in this letter. BRILLIANT!!!

    You are one of a kind my dear, sweet, fun, loving friend.


  3. Patty, thank you! It was so fun to write this blog for you. We’ve said it before – we never know where our conversations will go, but they’re always interesting. We both learn so much about life, each other and this weird world in which we live. I adore you and I’m so grateful for our friendship. You’re the best!


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