The Tornado

Grief is the great leveler,
like a tornado
destroying indiscriminately
everything in its path.
It blew my house down.
It took away my appetite
and my sleep.

It makes me cry in public
when I least expect or want to.
It’s affected my relationships
personally and professionally.
It left a gaping hole in my heart
where I continue to bleed out.

But life goes on
whether I’m ready or not.
Society expects me to carry on and
go to work,
shop for groceries,
pay my bills,
do my laundry,
and talk to people.

When all I really want to do
is go to the highest rooftop
and shout out at the top of my lungs,
“Didn’t you hear me?
My dad died!”

Written by Susan, June 2011, in memory of
her beloved father, Donald (1926-2011)