The Sojourn

Her sight was suddenly blinded
by the glory of the sun.
She was taken by its glare
and paused to wonder.

Catching her breath,
she managed to freeze
for a moment’s time
the essence of her life
and its sensations
in a dream,
not as it really was but
as she wanted it to be.

Tuning out the issues that surrounded her
she wanted desperately
to create a world,
a time,
a place,
at least for an instant,
that she could crawl into and hide
to escape the disillusionment
and disappointment
of her recent days.

She built it herself,
a quiet world all her own,
with colors
and peace,
and music from her soul.

She reached down into her very being
and stayed there for awhile.
She began to think
and feel
and conjure up new dreams.

What a lovely time she had in that moment.
It could not last long enough,
she knew that.
But she had to grasp it
at least for an instant.

When it was over
she realized that no one
(not even she)
could ever take away the faith
that she had in herself.

Then, and only then,
was she able to pull herself back
to the world at hand.

Written by Susan
Copyright, All Rights Reserved
Published in the “Kokanee,” pages 31-33
1998 Fiction/Poetry/Essay Contest
Lake Tahoe Community College