The Seed

Nearly forty years ago
you planted the seed.
You were only twenty-eight
when your seed blew carelessly
in love’s wind.

You encouraged the seed to grow
and welcomed the planting
of this seed in life’s garden.
You planted it in the sun
and watched
as the roots took hold in this world,
reaching deeply down into the soil.

You watered the seed
and nourished it.
You protected it from the rain
and sheltered it from the heat.

You built a fence around your garden
to protect the seed
from the harsh realities
of nature and the universe.

As you tended to your garden
the seed grew and grew,
and finally began to bloom.

With your love, energy and devotion
the seed blossomed into a beautiful flower –
full of life
with a beautiful fragrance
and brilliant with color.
A one-of-a-kind perennial.

Its petals touched other
flowers in the same garden,
and some of the other flowers
began to plant their own seeds.

This flower stands tall and proud,
all on its own,
grateful to you – the farmer
for planting it,
nourishing it,
and giving it life.
So lucky to have grown in your garden.

Written by Susan for her mother on Mothers’ Day 1996
Copyright 1996, All Rights Reserved
Published in the “Kokanee,” pages 31-33
Winner 1998 Fiction/Poetry/Essay Contest – Lake Tahoe Community College